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How Much Do Your Covers Cost?

Premade covers are $75, custom covers are $100, and any cover can be upgraded to a print edition for an additional $25.

Do You Charge Extra For Stock Images?

Absolutely not.  All stock photography utilized in your cover design is included in the original purchase price, whether we use one or a dozen or more images.

What Is Stock Photography And Where Do You Get The Images you use For My Cover?

Stock photography are royalty free images purchased from third party sites. Royalty free means that any purchased images are licensed for commercial use without additonal fees per use. I purchase my images from reputable vendors like NEO-STOCK, DepositPhotos and BigStock Photos who offer standard licenses that allow for ebooks and print copies under 250,000. If you are lucky enough to sell 250,001 copies of your book, a standard license can easily be upgraded for an additional fee.

What If I Don't Like My Cover?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and your custom cover is not done until you say it is. For premade covers, you are guaranteed unlimited revisions on the design and placement of the title, series number, tagline and author name text. If you want to make changes to the images on a premade cover, you can upgrade to a cusotm cover for an additional $25.  Once you've upgraded a premade cover to a custom cover,  you are offered unlimited revisions.

Are Premade Covers Sold Multiple Times?

No. Once you purchase a premade cover, it is never sold again. It will be your unique cover for all time.

What If I Need an Ebook And A Print Cover?

No problem, we've got you covered (haha...see what I did there?). Seriously though, we can provide you with a print ready cover for an additional $25. If you purchase an eBook cover and decide at a later date that you would like a print version as well, we can handle that too. We keep an archive of all of our book cover projects so we can easily open them back up and format them for print.

What If I Need Multiple Covers For A Series?

No problem there either. In fact, I'll even give you a discount if you purchase additional covers for a series. Obviously subsequent covers in a series would be custom, but I'll just charge you the premade price for them. In other words, if you purchase a custom cover for your original cover at $100, then each additional cover in that series will only be $75.  And if you prepay for three or more covers at once, I'll even upgrade them to print covers at no additional charge. That's a minimum savings of $75.

In most cases I can even make additional covers for a series from one of the premades. I'm able to do this because I primarily use models from sites that are dedicated to providing stock for book cover designers. This means that in most cases there are at least several poses of the same model available, and often many more. NEO-STOCK in particular has dozens of poses of each of their models in a variety of costumes and genres.

Can I Provide My Own Images?

It depends. First you must be able to prove that you hold the rights to the particular image. Secondly, it must be at least 300 DPI (high resolution) so that it won't appear grainy or pixelated on your cover. Thirdly, it must match your genre and be suitable for editing.

The better option would be for you to browse sites like NEO-STOCK, Big Stock Photos and Deposit Photos and send me the links to the photos you like. In fact I would encourage it. The more involved you are in the process of designing your cover the better.

How Do I Pay For My Cover?

Just send me an email at and I'll send you information on arranging payment through PayPal.  If PayPal doesn't work for you, just let me know and I will do my best to make other arrangements.

For premades, payment is required up-front in full. Once the payment is processed, you will need to provide the title, series number and author name as well as any other text you would like to appear on your cover.

For custom covers, only 50% of the payment is required to get started on your cover.  The rest is due on completion, but only when you are 100% satisfied with the final result. Obviously for custom covers you will need to provide more information for me to get started. I'll need the title, series number, tagline, author name as you would like it to appear.  I'll also need your thoughts on the cover and what elements you would like to see included. I'll also need a brief description or synopsis of your book (think back cover matter). I do not need, nor do I want, a copy of your manuscript.  I don't say that to be mean, I just honestly don't have the time to read every book that I make a cover for.  I also consider it to be a conflict of interest for me to provide a review of a client's book, so please don't take it personally.

What If I Want A Custom Cover, but I Don't have A Clue What I Want to Put On It?

No worries. I love to brainstorm cover ideas with authors. If you already have a synopsis (and you really should at this point), we can start looking for ideas there.  If nothing jumps out immediately, tell me about a particular scene in your book that you love and think represents your book well as a whole. Some of the best covers come from iconic scenes in books.  Just keep in mind that the role of your cover is to get readers to buy your book, so the most important thing is that it is aesthetically pleasing and matches the style of your genre. Often this means that a good cover doesn't contain every little element present in your book, but rather evokes a feeling and gives readers an idea of what to expect.

It's also not a bad idea to browse through covers of best selling books in the categories that your book will be sold.  You want your cover to feel at home amongst the best sellers, like it belonged there all along :)

How Long Will My Book Cover Take To Complete?

If it's a premade cover, then as soon as the payment is processed and I've received your title and author name information, I'll get to work on it. Typically premades are available the same day or the next at the latest.

For custom covers I typically send out a first draft in two to three days.  After that it just depends on how many revisions we make.

Keep in mind that while I spend a considerable amount of time making book covers, I also have a day job, so during the week I typically start working on cover commissions after dinner...even a starving artist has to eat sometime :) Seriously though, I will make every effort to get your cover completed in a timely manner and to meet any publishing deadlines you may have. If I foresee any delays, I'll communicate them to you immediately.

What If I Have A Question Not Addressed here?

Just drop me a line at, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Don't worry, I'm one of those people who check my email frequently so I'll probably respond sooner rather than later.